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Chemical Engineers


  • Set companies as approved contractors (RAMS, Insurance, company information, etc.)
  • Site inductions
  • Permits to work (Hot work permit and general work permit)
  • Control and supervision of contractors


  • Manage Preventing maintenance plan
  • Update and monitor the system after new tanks and plant re-commissioning
  • Keep records of all the maintenance activities.
  • Organize monthly visual inspections
  • Organize and prioritize break downs repairs
  • Manage engineering ticket system
  • Contact suppliers for spares and raise purchase requisitions to purchasing department
  • Organize equipment inspections (compressors, boiler, scales, pumps, pressure bins, pumping lines, ladders, guards inspections, etc.)
  • Keep updated with equipment calibrations (spark tester, gas monitor, PAT tester, pH sensors, effluent flow meter, etc.)
  • Keep update with Insurance inspections (Gas , boiler , steam system, compressed air system, etc.)


  • Assist new projects from conceptual design to completion and commissioning.
  • Determine equipment specifications (pumps, pipework, materials resistances and compatibilities, etc)
  • Create CAD drawings (Autocad)
  • Elaborate PIDs and PFDs
  • Participate in HAZIDs and HAZOPs
  • Assist progress meetings


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