What are Employers really looking for?

For the majority of us mortal humans being in an interview situation is a hugely nerve wracking experience, after all a job interview is one of the most important business meetings you’ll ever have.  Whilst you spend hours researching the company, thoroughly preparing your questions / answers and finally, decide on that all important outfit to give a good first impression, there is one thing you cannot fully prepare for – is your personality right for job and company?

When the employer is assessing you in an interview they are looking for someone who has proficient skills to do the job in question, they are also however, looking for the right personality to fit the culture of the organisation and team.  Whilst it is difficult to demonstrate personality traits on a CV, the interview is the ideal opportunity to let them shine through.  It is important to highlight your soft skills, core values and motivations, in fact highlighting them isn’t enough, think about how you can provide concrete examples of how you operate.  For example, simply saying you work well in a team isn’t sufficient, instead provide a solid account of a time when you worked as a team and achieved a goal or successful outcome, explain your role in that team.

One of the best ways to demonstrate your personality to the employer is to be yourself.  If your natural personality is really not suited to the role then you should seriously consider whether this is the right type of job for you, otherwise you may be unhappy in the long term.

Most interviewers are highly skilled at uncovering whether you are the right fit for the job they are offering, hopefully you won’t meet an interviewer like this one posted by Verbalists……….


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