Do you have the right rod to fish in today’s talent pool?

Do you have the right rod to fish in today’s talent pool?

Without a doubt ‘people’ are the greatest asset an organisation can have.  Having the right team on board is critical to achieving both your growth plans and future ambitions.

Building a great team is the priority for almost every company.  Today, however things aren’t always as straight forward for recruiting managers.  Candidates in today’s market are armed with choice, options and information, more than ever before.

So how do you stand out in such a demanding and crowded marketplace?  We work closely with our clients to help them find the best people in the quickest time frame, moving fast in this climate is definitely one key to success.

There are a few other ways to set you apart from the competition.

1.Social Media Channels

Social media activity is the perfect way to showcase your company, it’s people, mission and culture.  Engaging with potential candidates through social media provides a distinct advantage and allows an early relationship to form.

Future candidates are looking to align their personal values with an employer, social media is a great way for employers to communicate your core values and ethics.  In addition, posting job roles, interesting facts, good news stories and benefits of joining the company are all proactive ways to strengthen your brand.

2. Sell your ‘vision’

People want to feel as though they can make a real difference.  According to research by LinkedIn in 2016, 65% of job seekers would potentially turn down a job offer if they didn’t know the vision of the hiring company.

Clearly communicate your vision and how their contribution can make a difference and help to achieve success.

3. Raise your profile

For a long time, employers have been researching candidates through social media channels and google.  The very same principle applies to job seekers.  Armed with a constant stream of information, candidates can easily build a picture of an employer through a wide variety of online channels.

Marketing and PR strategies are critical in helping to make your company one of choice for future talent.  From blogs to social media, from PR releases both on and off line, raising your employer profile is the way to secure the right attention from both new and current employees.


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